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Good idea, but...
04/10/2012, 18:04:36

    TopDog writes:

    Didn't work. He's not there.
    Here's the odd thing. I found the person that I was supposed to give the amulet to in Harmondale (by the stables). I saw "courier assignment" as a dialog choice, and went with it. He took some amulet that was already on me, and "fixed" it (it wasn't broken), then gave me a portal key and sent me to give it back to Hume.
    I don't get the next quest until he gets it back, it seems.

    How about this - what\who is the person for the 3rd quest? Maybe if I skip ahead?
    And is there any way to get the promotions without doing the courier quests? No matter how long I wait, the promoters always say to come back after the festival. Must be one hell of a party!

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