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Hey Elf!
02/11/2012, 18:31:11

    Ossie writes:

    Unlike the north, the inhabited landmasses in the south are at much lower lattitudes so we don't often get tha aurora. The very bottom tip of Australia & NZ is at about 45 degrees south, which is about the top of California. South America is about 55 degrees, which is roughly level with Newcastle (UK) or Copenhagen. There's a lot of land north of that where people still live to get the northern lights, long after we here in the south have run out!

    Antarctica of course is another story, but even then Antarctica starts at about 60 degrees south, which is level with about Stockholm. The difference of course is that Antarctica continues all the way to the pole, but I'm not sure there are too many MM players there! In short, "civilisation" exists much further north than it does south & in practice there's nowhere outside Antarctica in the south where you would ever see the lights (I have heard of it happening extremely rarely as far north as Australia, but probably as rarely as you would get them in California).

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