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The map can be rewritten now...
10/14/2011, 12:18:07

    greaper greaper615, greaper615 writes:

    several weeks ago i posted here some pictures about mm7 mod made by chinese fans ,and now i have some other news...that is ...the map itself can be rewritten now!!!not only the grafics!!!
    in the following picture is the new Homondale castle and its walls(added latest) isn't it?!
    (i'm chinese,and i will try someday to share the update version somewhere.however,Because of the differences in the original might&magic we play,i'm not sure whether the update can be run correctly in your game.And, a question,do you guys use the 3D accelerate patch in mm7?If not,i'll also try to share it.the original mm7 looks much greater after that,and many updates are alse based on that)

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