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Elf listens to the race
09/13/2021, 14:49:15

    The Elf writes:

    "Listens," because, as usual, I'm firmly planted in front of my 'puter, Ol' Stormy. Papa Elf loves auto racing, so we were watching/listening to the Portland Grande Prix. (Were you there, Ragwort?) I wasn't paying much attention, being absorbed in a rather interesting game of solitaire called Eight Off. All of a sudden I heard some shocking language. I couldn't believe my ears, but it was repeated. Twice. One racer kept referring to the "chicken a**-y" racing. (A**-y rhyming with "classy.") Good grief! How is such language allowed on television? Where was the Federal Communications Commission?! Does it even exist anymore? And how could a race driver, whose livelihood depended on racing, disparage his sport? I was ready to address a firm letter to the TV channel and to the race commission. Then a fellow, speaking more clearly, told about the "Chip Ganassi" racing team. Oh.

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