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Aha! I too missed the reply
09/10/2021, 12:09:55

    The Elf writes:

    And yes, it is Legend of Grimrock. Another game (well, half a game) I fell in love with was the original Ego Draconis (I believe--I may be confusing it with another game). In the first half, you play a human character who has to solve a lot of not-too-difficult puzzles to be able to get to a somewhat-difficult dungeon with many puzzles. If you successfully navigate it, you come to the big point of the entire game: you turn into a dragon! So far, so good. You are then thrust into a "tutorial" in which you practice flying and dodging a number of baddies out to get you. I could never get past the first baddie. I have no idea what you do as a dragon to finish the game.

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