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But then there's. . .
07/11/2021, 11:58:03

    The Elf writes:

    . . .Mt. Etna, which is really on a tear now. Of course, that's down in Sicily, but I believe it's on the same tectonic plate as Etna.
    When Papa Elf and I visited Sicily in 2009, we walked up the path to the top of the crater, and peered down into the caldera, which was mostly grey rock with a faint streak of bright red-orange lava. (The same thing happened when we visited Hawaii's Mt. Kilauea the previous year.)

    Let's see now, we have visited the following areas:
    The UK, just before mad cow disease;
    Hawaii and Sicily, before their volcanoes erupted;
    New Zealand, the summer before Christchurch was devastated by earthquakes and blizzards;
    Ukraine, just before Putin started making it unpleasant;
    Cairo, Egypt, just before the place erupted in
    religious/political riots;
    China, just before Americans became persona non grata;
    Mexico, just before it became unsafe to travel there.

    We've decided to stop world travel before we jinx yet another country!

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