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05/11/2021, 13:11:39

    Eric B writes:

    Strongly agreed. Usually the first skill I acquire for my party is the bow skill, so that I can pummel enemies from afar. It comes in VERY handy, especially in New Sorpigal; I can fire at the goblins from across that stream that goes between town and the Abandoned Temple.

    It's just too bad there are no streams in Bootleg Bay; that would make fighting those cannibal tribes somewhat easier there.

    I will offer a final observation about MM6 --- I find it interesting that you can't take a boat (Or even a stagecoach) to Harecksburg in Bootleg Bay...nor can you take a boat to Frozen Highlands. In looking at the map of Frozen Highlands, it does look like there's enough room in Bootleg Bay there to accommodate a dock and a ship outside Hargraeve.

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