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Harmondale to Barrow Downs stream
05/04/2021, 18:07:04

    Eric B writes:

    Looking at the maps, a few of the streams don't seem to match up with the maps of the adjacent lands. However...that stream that you cross going to White Cliff Caves, starts at a lake on the other side of the mountain that the caves are in. I looked at the maps for Harmondale and Barrow Downs, and that stream seems to *almost* match.

    With that being said...I sometimes wonder if the creators had wanted to have either a ship going to Barrow Downs, or perhaps even a Town Portal to Stone City, but for whatever reason, didn't. I've noted that they do have a couple of fountains, including one in the central area, of Stone City. Instead, to avoid having to spend a week walking there, you have to Town Portal to Mount Nighon, then go through a couple of dungeon/tunnels to get there. Very time consuming. And, I won't mention having to fight the eyes and minotaurs in Thunderfirst Mountain, or the gogs in the Nighon Tunnels.

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