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Weather in MM6/MM7
04/20/2021, 12:22:58

    Eric B writes:

    Well, in doing my experiments, I've noted something else about MM6 and MM7 -- this concerns the weather encountered in the game.

    I've noted that sometimes, you have foggy days, and sometimes the fog is a lot thicker than others. There also seems to be a setting which has the fog always on, for Mire Of the Damned in 6, and Evenmorn Island in 7.

    Though, I've found that if you take a stagecoach to Darkmoor for the first time you go there, or a ship to Evenmorn Island, it's usually clear when you first get there. Subsequent visits has the fog turn on, and also, if you overnight there, the fog hits the next morning.

    If you don't want to contend with the fog, there seems to be a way around it, I've noted. When you first go there and it's clear (Walking there doesn't work, only stagecoach!) set a Lloyd's Beacon there, and teleport out before nightfall. Next morning after sunrise, teleport back. No fog!

    Just another interesting observation; anyone who wishes to chime in, feel free to comment.

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