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Thanks! I thought that liches get a different portrait and voice only in MM8.
04/09/2021, 17:20:15

    Ramillies writes:

    Both of the responses to the rude merchants are there, in files LF144a.mp3 and LF144e.mp3 (in the directory L-female-1). By the way, it's really a bit weird to listen to the polite greetings that even the liches have. At least if I met a lich, the last thing I would expect him to say would be "Good evening" .

    A "Choose your own adventure" is a really nice touch, but of course double the work. When you said "fanfiction", I thought it would be perhaps a couple dozen pages at most, but this really looks like you have much to write yet. Good luck with that! (Anyway, I will read both when you're done.)

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