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That happened to me in the vanilla game, but in Kriegspire rather than Darkmoor
01/20/2021, 14:55:34

    Peter2 writes:

    Fortunately, I had just saved my position, and I spotted a badly damaged monster (can't remember what) that had run into a corner and was doing its best to walk through the wall to get away from my party. I walked up and clobbered it, robbed the cadaver, and turned round anticlockwise to leave the corner. My game promptly crashed. I reloaded the position, repeated my actions, and the game crashed again. I repeated my actions again with the difference that this time I turned clockwise. No crash, and the game contimued smoothly. I don't think I actually finished the game I was under considerable time pressure in those days and I was seldom able to find enough time to complete any game and remember what I was supposed to do next but I do remember that I didn't have any further trouble with it.

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