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Cannon in MM7?
03/27/2020, 08:52:24

    Eric B writes:

    OK, so during this "Shelter In Place" rule my state recently enacted, I decided to use this glut of free time to start a new Might & Magic 7 adventure. This time, I decided to do a little more exploring around Emerald Island before setting off to my new fiefdom.

    Anyway, atop the hill above Brent and his buddies, next to the "Day Of the Gods" pedestal, I noted that there's a cannon there. And if you stand behind it, the display says "Button" . Standing too close and hitting spacebar results in instant death...but standing a little bit back and hitting spacebar results in the cannon firing. Kind of sounds like Death Blossom, like from the fort near Harmondale if you push the button there repeatedly.

    So, my question is this --- did they have any special plans for that cannon, or is it just another Easter Egg, like the volcano/buoy near New Sorpigal in MM6? It looks like the cannon faces north, out to sea, and nowhere near where the dragonflies are near the shed, which is west of there.

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