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Just checking in
03/09/2020, 00:29:15

    SheDragon writes:

    Hello! Its SheDragon, author of TWG and the Dragon Riders, from Castle Gobs.

    I'm just popping in to say hello. Life's been busy. Nice to see the forum is still around! I did a google search of mm forums and didn't find anything, until I had a look at my list of bookmarks!

    I don't play rpgs as much as I used to. I still am a fan of the style of MM, where you pick the 5 characters. Can't think of a recent game that does this. I think its more immersive than normal rpgs. Anyhoo, have a good day everyone, and I know its a little late, but, Happy Rat Year! (Chinese New Year, this year is the rat)

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