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MMX Legacy help?
01/29/2020, 15:53:26

    Ossie writes:

    I remember a time when I was one of the resident "experts" about MMX on the Boards. If that remans true then I'm undoubtedly out of luck, but worth a shot.

    As usual I got a hankering to fire up another playthrough of my favourite series, and started MMX. Despite being quite buggy, my particular system never struck any of the major bugs, or at least the workarounds were so ingrained into me that I naturally avoided them anyway. But this time I've struck a bug I've seen mentioned but I never encountered on previous playthroughs.

    My path to the Sacred Grove is blocked. Not that I can't enter the Grove itself (it's the dungeon for the Bladedancer promotion so it seems some have found they can't enter the actual dungeon at all without an elf), but the pathway leading to the Grove area is blocked. The Grove is at 49,38 with only one way to approach. I'm at 41,36 and I can't move the step east to 42,36. The path is clear and not blocked by anything that the Earth/Water/etc blessings would normally require (not blocked by anything that has rendered, anyway), and in any event I have all blessings. I can see an Earth Elemental a few squares away at around 45,36 just standing there, but I can't move east - the next step is blocked as if there is no path, or requires a blessing.

    The problem has previously been noted, but the Board keeps banning me for posting the link https://forums.ubisoft dot com/show thread.php/840319-Sacred-Grove-unable-to-enter (with no space between show and thread)

    I can think of a few options:
    * hack the game to remove whatever the weird block is, assuming anyone actually ever worked this out - most pages I find are quite a few years old now
    * hack the game to change your location
    *hack the game to change the location of my Spirit Beacon, then portal in past the block

    Anyone still on the Boardse who played MMX enough to talk about the above, offer advice, suggestions on how to do any of the above, tips for sites or people to approach who may know etc etc?


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