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Ancient history--HOMM III
01/26/2020, 18:49:15

    The Elf writes:

    Steam is having a sale on HOMM3 and HOMM7 in honor of Lunar New Year. Since HOMM3 was one of my faves, I jumped at it. Of course, in the 23 years since I got the game (still published by New World computing then) I forgot a lot of the details. There's a good tutorial for it, but it's all onscreen, with details like "Now push the Next Character button" with no visual on what and where it is. (I remembered that we used the old "PrtSc" to copy it back in 1997--does that still work anymore?) Anyway, I was poking around in my hand-drawn MM8 maps when I ran across it! It took my no less than five tries to get through the tutorial. It didn't help that some instructions in the tutorial said to "check page 38 in the manual to see how to handle certain equipment." (There was a "helpful" hint saying that the manual could be found in Steam--it can't. I don't believe Steam copies ANYBODY's manuals.) Anyway, I found the full manual in the original box. Can you believe a 7"X9" instruction manual--in an actual box?! It's 3/8" thick, too.

    So if any of you get the game (I think it may be offered for free download elsewhere)I'll be glad to look up any fine points for you.

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  • Re: HOMM3 - Scott Campbell ( Tue 18-Feb-20 09:25:53 )