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Happy Christmas Elf wishes everyone the same!
12/25/2019, 14:31:06

    The Elf writes:

    First things first: this year's Christmas Brew is actually a take on German/Scandinavian/everybody-an Glogg. (First sampled by Papa elf and me at a German gathering.) Of course, if you'd prefer it taste like something else, it will. Whatever you wish, that's what it will taste like. (Yes, Ragwort, I'm thinking of you. You might like the "virgin" variety.) But whatever percentage of alcohol you may wish, you can drink as much as you like and get happy, and still be able to pass any blood alcohol test devised by any gendarmerie there is.

    Now for the other happiness cause: for the first time since Windows 95, we Elves can hear the jukebox! We're now using Firefox instead of (ahem!) G__gle or Windows "Depress" and "Deplorer." Thank you, Bones. (And of course there's an extra keg for the Tavern.)

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