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As Ossie predicted, I largely agree with him
09/18/2019, 13:07:22

    Peter2 writes:

    I greatly prefer magic-heavy parties. In MM7, I'm a great believer in the usefulness of having an Archer in the party. He's virtually the only character with access to Light magic and more than a basic thieving ability (fully developed, he can get to expert). I tried a thief-free party when I first played this game, and I got SO sick and tired of having to repair my party from trap damage in Stone City because I couldn't open chests safely that I resolved "never again"! If you can find/steal/buy a half-way decent item of Thievery or the like, an Archer is a perfectly adequate thief. Also, in the early stages of the game, he's your safety net if you run into trouble he's significantly tougher than the cleric or the sorcerer. Additionally, he can use some of the lovely weapons and armour that would otherwise go begging in a pure magic party, and so be sold.

    So for a Light Path party, my preferred option is indeed PACS, as Ossie recommended. You've got two decent fighters, and all four members can cast Paralyze. And as Ossie said, I find the combat tougher and more satisfying.

    For a Dark Path party, the one I preferred was ACSS. This does give you a much easier ride, combat-wise, and there's a danger that you might consider it boring.

    One other thing: I found that in MM7, a party member needs to be able to grandmaster (GM) either combat spells or a weapon to be able to pull his full weight through the whole game. Mastery alone just doesn't cut it. Here is where the Druid falls down badly, because the only thing he can GM is Alchemy. I played one party which included a druid, and after he had prepared the black potions, I found the rest of his powers woefully inadequate. The only time he was able to get close to a full combat contribution was when using Meteor Shower; apart from that, he was used a couple of times when the Cleric either ran low on mana or got damaged. Even then, his spells were less effective than the Cleric's. (This was the reason I had no time for the Ranger in MM9.) I admit his high merchant ability and alchemy are useful support functions, but his GM in meditation and the consequent abundance of spell points are largely wasted for lack of top-line spells to use them on.

    So to summarise: to get familiar with the game, KTCS; my recommended Light Path party, PACS; and my recommended Dark Path party, ACSS. And if you want to try the Druid, do it in a Dark Path party at least you'll get to see the dinky little dragon familiar!

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