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Alas! My original, vanilla copy of MM6. . .
09/10/2019, 11:38:32

    The Elf writes:

    . . .is in that vast CD jewel case in the sky. (I gave it to my sister when I got the bundled MM3 through MM7 collection. She had a subsequent home invasion robbery, in which the thieves took ALL her game CD's, plus a lot of things considered valuable like my mother's Indian head penny collection, my father's rare stamp collection, and any loose cash.) I remember the guide that came with the game, but here in the U. S. there wasn't a fold-out card. It was a glossy little booklet, with the last chapter giving a complete walk-through of the first day in New Sorpigal, complete with a map of NS showing all the trainers, shops, etc. I don't remember any reference to the "Y" key, but that may just be my aged memory.

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