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My MONSTERS.TXT says that Red Dragon gives 250d10 gold... (+ more about gold from dragons)
09/01/2019, 21:46:48

    Ramillies writes:

    Which makes 250-2500 with the average of 1325. (Fun fact: you will hardly ever see the gold reward from a red dragon differ from 1325 by more than 90 thank your favorite central limit theorem for that.)

    And a tricky question: a blue dragon yields 300d10 gold. So how much gold is that?

    44-440 (average 242)!

    And why? Because the game stores the number of dice in 8 bits, so the treasure in fact overflows to only (300-256)d10 = 44d10, which is a pretty lame reward for a dragon. Similarly, a gold dragon should give 400d10 coins, but it will yield only 144d10.

    (But of course, 300d10 does mean a range of 300-3000, just the game messed it up a bit.)

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