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A new technique?
08/18/2019, 20:45:22

    The Elf writes:

    I'm going through the game very slowly. Patiently, as G. P. suggested. Then it was time to face Longfang Witherhide and get his claw. My level 20-something party (not even experts in Dark Magic) tried their weak little Shrapmetal spells, to no avail. He just laughed at my Incinerate spells. Fire spells, against a DRAGON? Ha!

    So then I did something I'd never tried before. I kept in turn base, then kept hitting the attack button as fast as I could. Surprisingly, the Dragon went down, with very little damage to my party. This technique also worked well when I was faced with the Minotaur King in the Temple of the Sun, I think it was.

    I still don't know why it worked. If I'd been in real time, I could see it, but no, I was in turn base all the while. Has anyone else tried this?

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