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A funny thing happened on the way to the Luck Shrine
08/12/2019, 16:23:52

    The Elf writes:

    I came back to New Sorpigal on July 4, but had forgotten to check in with The Seer beforehand. I was surprised to see that the place hadn't respawned, since it usually did around the first of July. We were only at level 12, and perpetually lacking in gold, so I had never accumulated enough money to get The Beacon. So I cvaught the stage to Ironfist, visited The Seer, then took a stage back (after pausing to get a little gold at The Arena. I was surprised when I came back, to have everything respawned, with goblins jumping out at you from seemingly everywhere. Of course, there was an inevitable accident. A pair of peasants, who were fulfilling their primary duty of suicide, jumped in front of the arrow as we were aiming at a goblin. The guy peasant went down, whereupon the girl peasant fulfilled her secondary duty of raising the alarm and rallying the troops to destroy us vile murderers. We quickly ran to the temple, healed up and donated like mad, until our rep was back up to respectable. The angry peasants went back to whatever peasants do when they're not annoying adventurers, except for the girl. Every time we'd turn around, there she was, knife in hand, ready to pounce. We knew if we fought back, our rep would go back down, probably to Notorious, and we weren't prepared to deal with that just yet. We finally managed to escape, but I'm keeping a close watch--she could come screaming around a corner at any unexpected moment.

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