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There is. ***SPOILERS***
08/10/2019, 20:26:53

    Peter2 writes:

    The teleport from NS to Dragonsand drops you a few yards west of the tunnel through the Shrine of the Golds. The teleported back to NS is on the east wall of the Shrine a few metres north of the tunnel entrance on the eastern side. But there are still too many dragons around on that side of the Shrine to make that an easy task.

    It's a lot easier to get to about level 10 before you go anywhere near the Shrine. If you're at level about 10, you can get to the entrance to the NWC without being burnt to a crisp by the dragons behind you, and if you take the precaution to hire a Gatemaster before you start out on this, you do without using the teleporter back to NS. You can get money from the chest just opposite JvC's room to pay yourself back for what you spent hiring the Gatemaster.

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