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Required Quests (spoiler)...
08/07/2019, 00:31:55

    ragwort writes:

    Following are quests required to complete game:

    0rep 3000xp 1000gld Show Sulman's Letter to Andover Potbello Andover Potbello, NS-Inn
    0 3000 5000 Bring Sulman's Letter to Regent Wilbur Humphrey
    -200 25000 5000 Fix Stable Prices, 9 Stables Vote, Loretta Fleise-Druid, SC
    200 40000 5000 Kilburn's Shield, BS Vote, Wilbur Humphrey-Paladin, IF
    200 50000 0 End Winter, KS-Hermit Vote, Eric Von Stromgard-Archer, FN
    200 40000 0 Devil's Outpost, KS-Scroll Vote, Osric Temper-Knight, FH
    200 25000 5000 Capture Prince of Thieves, Complex Vote, Anthony Stone-Cleric, FN
    200 50000 0 Hourglass of Time, xx-Key,NS-GF Vote, Albert Newton-Sorceror, MI
    0 0 0 Silvertongue's Cure, KS-Superior Temple Baa Wilbur Humphrey-Paladin, IF
    800 0 0 Silvertongue's Treason, FH-High Council Wilbur Humphrey-Paladin, IF
    0 100000 0 Memory Crystal Alpha, HI-Supreme Temple Baa Oracle, FH
    0 100000 0 Memory Crystal Beta, EIW-Castle Alamos Oracle, FH
    0 100000 0 Memory Crystal Delta, MD-Castle Darkmoor Oracle, FH
    0 100000 0 Memory Crystal Epsilon, KS-Castle Kriegspire Oracle, FH
    0 500000 0 Control Cube, DS-Tomb of Varn Oracle, FH
    0 0 0 Third Eye, IF-Well Prince Nicholas, IF
    -928 50000 0 Magic from Archibald, IF-Library Oracle, FH
    0 0 0 Save Enroth, SW-Hive Seer

    Since you can donate up to Respectable(+200rep) at any time there are ways to reach Saintly(+1000rep). Spreadsheet shows that REQYUIRED +/- quests add up to +672 but if you do Loretta's -200 first then pay off monks to +200 you'd have +1072 which is Saintly at end. IF there is game time decay to Average then maybe not. But Ribannah completed game in five game time days.

    ALL (not just above) +/- quests add up to +1246rep. If Andover"s -200 and Loretta's -200 were done first then bribe Temple to +200 you'd have +1846. I doubt optional Baa Follower -976 could be done at beginning but if so you'd end up w/ +2822rep.

    Since you can achieve Dark Mastery on 2Jan and purchase absolution back to +200 one can finish Saintly. Greate Pier the Worse would obviously find this highly distasteful. Nothing an Armageddon, possibly two just to be safe couldn't fix.

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