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What game developers don't want you to know
08/04/2019, 12:32:57

    The Elf Herself writes:

    Having played RPG's since 1986 (when we got a Commodore D-128,) I've noticed something that they all seem to have in common. I firmly believe that rolling up a character doesn't really tell the whole story. Yes, there are stats shown on your screen which may or may not be altered, but one stat doesn't seem to show: performance luck. Sure, you can add or subtract luck when creating a character in all the MM's, but I don't believe it reflects performance. Your "lucky" character may be able to find better loot in a chest, have a slight edge in battle, etc., but what about performance? Will his arrow hit the mark as destructively as another character who has exactly the same stats? No, I believe that some characters, perhaps even entire parties, are just created luckier than others. Of course I know that there is randomness in all the actions, just like I know that in PC's there really is no such thing as pure randomness. (It takes a heckuva lot more memory than the lowly desktop or tablet contains, to achieve genuine randomness.) So let's face it, I firmly believe that some parties are just inherently luckier than others, no matter what the stats look like.

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