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Reputation level gifts from Temples (Spoiler)...
07/19/2019, 13:44:56

    ragwort writes:

    Depending on reputation level when you visit a Temple and Donate 7 times you will receive the following gift.

    Respectable 201-400, Guardian Angel; 7 hours
    Honorable 401-600, Wizard Eye; 7 hours
    Glorious 601-800, Day of the Gods; +38, 28 hours
    Angelic 801-1000, Hour of Power; +12, 8 hours 4, Haste 2 hours 28
    Saintly 1001+, Day of Protection; +28, 11 hours

    If you run Grayface's patch right clicking on reputation will show reputation number.

    Just donating @ Temples to get to Respectable will only bring you up to 200, 7 additional donations, no gift.

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