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Now that I look back. . .
07/19/2019, 13:00:12

    The Elf Herself writes:

    . . . I remember that when I used to play MM's 6 and 7, I never really used Dark Magic much at all. I never once cast a Shrapmetal, Shrinking Ray, or Dragon Breath. Instead, (do you see my little hypocritic halo?) I relied on Hour of Power and Day of the Gods. For offense, I used Prismatic Light, plus my two fighters. (While most of my early games were with the default party, I later had KPCS, with the two fighters buffed up to a fare-thee-well.) If I ever used Dark Magic in 6, it was to cast Day of Protection. But isn't there a fountain somewhere that gives that protection?
    As some of you may know, I never could complete the requirements for Dark Magic mastery in MM7, so gave up trying.

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