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An Elf after my own heart!
07/10/2019, 11:24:12

    Peter2 writes:

    I too think MM3 is one of the best RPG games ever written. It was the best of its time by the length of a street, and in terms of humour, jokes and puzzles it is still one of the best ever, IMHO.

    Greetings once again from the third oldest RPG player around I think!

    I've got Bones and Chlala with me at present. We've all been up for a holiday on the Isle of Islay, doing some "quality control" on the local produce, so to speak. We got hold of an experimental malt from the Bunnahabhain distillery which pretty well blew our socks off

    I know what you mean about age. I tried to play one of my favourite old games the other day, The Legend of Darkmoon (EOB2), and failed miserably. Sadly, my digital dexterity is no longer up to it Oh well, I'll have to rely on my memories . . .

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