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I didn't say hard, I said frustrating .
07/07/2019, 18:15:29

    Ramillies writes:

    And that's mostly because of the eyes and liches dispelling my magic. It's okay that my party has to fight with no buffs. My only problem with them is that they dispel my Torch Light and my Wizard's Eye. I get so used to having light in dungeons and colored dots on the minimap that I always get upset when they go away.

    (Darkmoor is the only place where I set Torch Light and Wizard's Eye as quick spells. That makes it a bit less frustrating, since you can get the spells back with a simple key combination like "1SS".)

    By the way, I couldn't finish Diablo 2 too. In fact, I couldn't even get through the Act 1, because I always get so horribly bored. I'd say that Diablo 2 (along with many other Blizzard products!) is a great example of a "Skinner box" (a 'game' that conditions people to 'play' well beyond the point where it's any fun).

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