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Part 3: More War, The Bright Side of Life, Malwick Extortion, Trip to Nighon and more...
04/01/2019, 16:35:24

    Ramillies writes:

    Unsurprisingly, when I wandered into Tularean Forest to get to Avlee through it, an Erathian messenger gave me the note that the elves are moving the Gryphonheart Trumpet. There was a little skirmish (pretty one-sided, as the humans had roughly a 3:1 advantage) that was already over by the time I was coming. Everybody was just wandering around and looking dumbly at me grabbing the trumpet and walking away with it. (And there's a bonus: thanks to that swarm of soldiers, I finally found Tularean Caves! That's another cave over which I must have had wandered at least 50 times before!...)

    Now, what to do with the trumpet? I'd been going to Judge Grey occasionally to discuss things, so I went there now as well... and now there's an option "Artifact"? Apparently I can give him the trumpet... so do I give it to Erathia or Elves, who have been equally treating me like the last peasant of all peasants, or do I give to someone who at least looks reasonable? It's a no-brainer, so the trumpet goes to the Judge.

    So after some time, the Judge died, and now I had to choose sides. I didn't think about it too much since I already know that I will want to play it for the second time, with the other side. So I chose Light for starters. After some fruitless flying all over Bracada to find Judge Fairweather, I actually looked up that he's in fact in the tavern (probably the only building that I didn't visit). So from now on, hail to the independent Kingdom of Harmondale!

    Then I visited Gavin Magnus in Celeste (but not before falling through the holes in the floor I just had to try what it does. I also like that falling through different holes drops you in different parts of Bracada.) He told me that I have to go through Walls of Mist before he will be willing to talk to me. So there I went... and I must say that I'm totally confused. I get that I have to collect three keys to the three pillars in the central room, and each key is probably hidden somewhere behind one of the archways. However, I found only one, and even after long wandering through the two other sections, I don't have the slightest idea about where the keys could be. I'll have to come back later. (And I like the fact that you need to do it without killing. Another nice way of breaking the repetitive just-kill-the-monsters thing.)

    In between of all those things, I also got the first promotion for all the other people, so I assembled the golem (I even did it with the wrong head, but sadly there wasn't anything funny about it, he just went and started bashing me), brought the map to Evenmorn Islands to Dadelus Falk and handed in the vase. And with that, I learnt a couple of master skills, so my wizard now knows spells like Meteor Shower, Inferno, Fly and Invisibility, and the others have something too. I also killed Wromthrax, so sir Quixote finally left my party (but not before instructing me to save a beautiful girl from the hands of a villain ). Presumably he has some windmills to fight.

    After going through a general upgrade for some time, I got an extortion letter from Mr. Malwick. I actually did go to Mercenary Guild in Tatalia, but didn't steal anything for them, so after the month, when I came into Harmondale, a band of goblins and other criminals rushed into the town and started killing innocent civilians. This really made the party angry, so they got up Bless, Heroism, Haste and so on and started to punish the raiders. My knight now has Master Spear, Master Armsmaster, and a very nice trident with lots of poison damage, so with all those buffs, he is dealing 60-70 damage. We've been literally swatting them like flies. Sadly a couple of peasants died before we could kill the intruders.

    So after killing all of them, I wanted to get my Master Fire training, but the trainer refused to open the door. I scoured the whole landscape and there was no sign of them. However, then I got the idea to visit my castle... Fortunately the golem was on its place, and it did a good job of disposing of the intruders. The funny physics in the game made it actually look cool, because after a mighty punch from the Golem, the goblins and swordsmen would fly through air, drop dead, and then bounce a few times still.

    I found those criminals even in the dungeon, so I was happy that the scum actually knew where their place was... until I found that the Dwarves restored my dungeon nicely, but the cell doors couldn't be closed! Such a useless prison... Anyway, I guess that the people of Harmondale wanted some blood spilled, and they wouldn't be satisfied with just putting the offenders behind the bars... So all of them have been put to the sword (I mean, to the spear, flail and 4 daggers, really.)

    After this adventure, I wanted to get into Nighon, a place where I haven't been yet. I thought that I would take a short travel from Stone City by a tunnel and then I would emerge there, but I was so wrong. And even when I found the exit into Thunderfist Mountains, I actually thought that I needed another exit to Nighon and passed by... This has been enough aimless wandering for the whole game. After a lot of walking through a lot of tunnels, I however did actually emerge in Nighon, and I even played Arcomage in the local tavern! (That makes it 11 taverns out of 13. I guess I still have to play in the Pit and on Evenmorn Island.)

    I lost the Arcomage twice (and it was the one where you need 200 tower or 500 resources...), so when the third time was actually the charm, the adventurers just dropped into the beds right in that horribly expensive tavern, and presumably they're having some good sleep now.

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