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Does it stack? - Well refill times - Ambush requirements
03/07/2019, 09:39:46

    RubiconIII writes:

    Ok, so I have amassed a few questions that have me bothered.

    About the +2 permanent stat raising wells/fountains I can't really find any criteria listed anywhere, that tells me exactly how they work. We know that they enhance the "naked" stats of a character, if his/her is below 15 when drinking. Naked meaning ignoring the benefits from armor, weapons & misc stuff; any temporary boost from either a potion or a fountain/well and any effects from ongoing spells. If more than one character is sufficiently below 15, a maximum of 8 sips will be reached.
    Now comes my question - when will you be able to benefit from that well/fountain again, if you've still got a character below 15 in that particular stat it improves.
    I know for a fact, that I used both fountains in Bootleg Bay at January the 28th with several hours apart, and I have now experienced that the earliest time, that I can rebenefit from both wells happens at exactly 3:03 pm March the 1st. I entered the region the first time 2:07 pm January the 28th - used north fountain about an hour or so later, and used the south fountain late afternoon, maybe around 6 or 7 pm - can't remember - it wasn't dark yet, but it was the last island I cleared before doing the mainland, and I remember that it was dark most of that time. I'm thinking maybe the first fountain set the time for both at 3:03 pm, but the 29 days inbetween have me puzzled. I can't imagine anything in this game to be timed for 29 days exactly - that number is just too odd.
    Also I remember that I was able to reuse the well in New Sorpigal after having trained the first time, think I also visited CI (to get bow skills) before that. I left for CI the second time at January the 15th, and at that time I had used the well two times already - totalling 8 + 5 sips iirc. So either the wells/fountains have different refill times or I just don't see the real criteria for them to refill. Does anybody have a clue or something more solid on how these fountains/wells work?

    Next up is a nagging question, that I think I know part of the answer to, but I need it confirmed. Whenever you rest/sleep out in the open or inside a dungeon, there is a chance to get ambushed. Does anyone know what this requires? I suspect that if a region/dungeon has been totally cleared of monsters it is safe to sleep w/o any interference. But does it 'improve' your chances of being ambushed, if you're low on health, low level compared to the dungeon/region, sleeping on ground that takes more than one food, sleeping in the nighttime versus daytime? I now use the rest option very rarely - used to rest a lot outside in my earliest game runs. Nevertheless I was thinking that someone might know all of this for sure.
    Also if you leave a single monster alive (however weak and far away) in a region/dungeon, will that ensure that the place will remain unsafe resting place?

    From this board I recently read, that an item with an enchantment that improves any magic skill can be combined with an artifact, that improves the same magic. That was never something that I've used myself before - I dislike the fact that you can't see the skill bonuses in MM6 as you can in MM7.
    Just the other day I found my first artifact in my current game - found the cloak Pendragon behind the unreachable ornament in Corlagon's Estate. My Druid had to use Telekinesis more than once to get to the contents - it's so much easier to have an Archer with both disarm and earth magic, which I prefer.
    Well, then the question arose, if the artifact is stackable with the effect of my newly enchanted gauntlets of Thievery? (It's a quite useful enchantment along with 'of Protection', that my Water Master is able to produce.) It's a bit challenging to test, so was wondering if someone already knew. Reloading and trying again to open a difficult chest may randomly succeed just because of luck and not because of possibly improved skill, but I will have to test it at some point. Also 'of Thievery' should 'double the chance' of succeeding when disarming a chest - what does that exactly mean? My current disarm skill is expert level 5. Does it then mean a bonus of 5, 10 or something else in the equation?

    On top of all this I can't remember, if I ever tested if items 'of Power' stack. Haven't found any yet - and I think to remember that they are very, very rare, as I have never found more than one or two at a time in previous games. That might be why I have never come around to test if the enchantment did stack.

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