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Ladies and gentlemen, the GNU/Linux distribution for playing old games is finally here! (Ta-DAAA!)
03/03/2019, 09:59:46

    Ramillies writes:

    Of course, as the saying goes, never trust a programmer's estimates of when the work will be done . I had some problems with finding a good installation procedure that would work for everybody (what is currently in the manual is the fourth version, I think), and I even had to scrap nearly the whole manual once. But anyway, here it is!

    The link leads to a little webpage of this project, where you can download the image and read what to do with it.

    Of course, any feedback or any questions welcome, either here or on my e-mail address (which can be found in the manual).

    Also, if you visit any other community interested in playing old games, please do share the link with them! (This is the only such place that I visit.) Alternatively, you can at least recommend some of those communities to me, so that I could make this known to more people.

    Related link:

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