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My mother tongue of Czech is a bit tricky with respect to this, too...
02/27/2019, 15:53:30

    Ramillies writes:

    In a negative sentence, you use negative pronouns and adverbs, too. But those don't cancel out, nor do they add in any way . So you get things like:

    I don't know anything => Nic nevím (lit. I don't know nothing)

    Nobody has ever done this yet => Nikdo to ještě nikdy neudělal (lit.: nobody hasn't never done this yet)

    I've never did anything wrong to anyone => Nikdy jsem nikomu neudělal nic špatného. (lit. I haven't never done nothing wrong to no one.).

    (It's probably the same way in Russian. The Slavonic languages can be a bit tricky... )

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