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The thing that killed my pig over MM7 was . . .
02/22/2019, 07:51:09

    Peter2 writes:

    . . . the inability of any party to have access to both Light and Dark magics. For me, that was a total turn-off, despite the fact that I reckon one of the best battles in any of the Might and Magic games is a Light Path party's initial assault on The Pit.

    It was also when playing MM7 that I came to the conclusion that no character was worth having in any of my parties if it could not grandmaster a combat skill or a magic skill in a school that includes combat spells, with a very strong preference that it should be a melée combat skill or a mirrored path magic. There is a constant need for combat from start to finish, and there is a big gap between mastery of a skill and grandmastery. This is why the druid, once he/she has prepared the black potions, is about as much use as an ashtray on a motor-bike. His/her capabilities in his/her other skills just don't cut the mustard. Similarly, I haven't a lot of time for rangers; the only combat skill they can GM is bow, which is the least useful of the combat skills to GM, although it is arguably the most useful weapon class for the whole party to have.

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