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You will not likely miss out on anything - just don't drop anything as that WILL vanish once you leave the map
01/09/2019, 21:22:07

    RubiconIII writes:

    The full respawn list:

    6 months:
    New Sorpigal
    Mire of the Damned
    Hermit's Isle
    Paradise Valley

    8 months:
    Bootleg Bay
    Eel Infested Waters
    Sweet Water

    24 months:
    Castle Ironfist
    The Misty Islands
    Free Haven
    Frozen Highlands
    Silver Cove
    all dungeons but the final one (afaik)

    ...and of course the Arena respawns at every entry, but no items to find there anyway - only fame, glory and a prize, or certain death.

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