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Above e-mail NOT a typo) Still vertical, not horizontal
09/17/2018, 19:40:49

    The Elf Herself writes:

    Yes, Elf is still alive and kicking. Hoo-ee! It has been a long time. I see many references here and on another fansite to "GOG." Now pardon my abysmal ignorance, but what is GOG? Good Old Games?

    I've been cooking a lot today, so here's a pot of Elf's Sausage-Chicken Gumbo for all the tavern friends (and enemies, if there are any.) It's a Louisiana Cajun recipe brought back by Baby Elf after her 23-year sojourn in the middle of Louisiana. Of course, gumbo just HAS to have something cold and wet to drink with it, so I've made some Louisiana Lager. Like all magic recipes, it tastes like the best beer you ever drank, or lemonade if you prefer, or even Cajun "white lightning" (an illegal home-distilled spirit made from whatever-is-available grain,) if your taste runs that way. Whatever the beverage, it will make you happy, and you will be able to pass a sobriety test no matter how much you drink.
    So drink up, and have another bowlful of gumbo over rice. I'll try not to be such a stranger.
    Love y'all.

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