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Update on MM6 for Windows 10, and a couple of questions
08/27/2018, 19:49:28

    Ossie writes:

    I don't know about anybody else, but I think I have a problem: I can be sitting idly on my PC not thinking of anything much at all, and then almost involuntarily the thought will pop into my head that I feel like starting another game of MM, and before I know it I'm hours into a game I haven't touched for years, without having had the slightest inkling even 5 minutes before. Just like a comfy pair of shoes you forgot you had.

    As I've now (reluctantly) moved to Windows 10, as previously predicted my old CD copies just didn't work no matter what compatability or resolution settings I tweaked. So I ended up having to buy a Windows 10-compatible copy from GOG (which currently has MM1-9 for $20, if anyone's interested). However, what does not seem to be shown is which version/patch of the game this I this. I'm not yet at the point where any of the obvious differences can be checked (Kriegespire door etc), and things like recovery times are a little too subtle to test, so off the top of your heads, what were some of the general gameplay features which could help identify which version I'm playing? I'm assuming any of the patches won't work, because it's a completely different exe file to the original game, so I would figure that it's the latest patch, but I'm not sure.

    Secondly, a memory-refresher: apart from Mordred and the Obelisk treasure, are there any placed artifacts/relics in MM6, are are they all random drops? Google-fu didn't turn up a list, so I'm assuming fixed artifact locations must have become more common with later MM games?

    Thanks all!

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