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Ahh, the good old times, back when i was in school
06/11/2018, 16:12:21

    The Grumpy Dragon writes:

    I'll just throw a few of my own thought on here if you dont mind.

    MM1. eh, was actualy my second MM game, i had played might and magic 2 before one, and i got spoiled hardcore cause of it. It competed with wizardry for my attention, and ultima 5, both absolutly solid games although looking back at the time lines, i am thinking that either one of two things has happened. I know i played king's bounty BEFORE 1990, cause i was in high school in 1990 and my friend and I were playing at his comuter when i was in 8th grade, which was 1988. Possibly nobody wanted to remember the apple II series computers and scrubbed all refrences off the net : or they just rounded out the release years.. cause, again, i am 100% positive i played KB in 1988. wikipedia says the ms dos release was 1990, well apple 2 isnt MS dos.

    MM 2 did a few things that wizardry amd ultima couldnt do. they let me get excessively crazy with my items, i could plus 250 something if i wanted to, go beat up teh cuisinarts and get a doomsday box with +75 gears... beat up the war eagles for teh same. much harder than anything they put in endgame hallway.. which.. i have to admit, the code puzzles... i would never be able to solve them, i had no clue what the game was even trying to ask me to do to get started.

    MM3 broke serious new grounds with several aspects of its play. for starters, out of combat attacking with spells and bows. a major tactical point. Facial expressinos as mentioned above, great way to visually see if anythign was bothering yoru chars, except insanity, cause, yea... sometimes my chars are just that happy? One thing t hat always annoyed me with mm3 was the 'required to take dmg here' spots in dungeons and caverns. spells that you'd think woudl stop somethign, woudlnt, and spells taht really dont make sense to, did. you know, floatignover that lava pit.. just makes you dry cook instead of flame broil... yer stil gettign blasted with huundreds of degrees of heat.

    a final note, castign spells in might and magic was putting in the spell level, and then the spell number, not funky sylables. Ultima used that for its games. In Flam Hur was always a crowd pleaser. for instance, lightbolt, was 3-4 and turn undead was 1-7

    as for the post gold box adventure gams, there was bladurs gate, ice wind dale, planescape torment (best rpg ever made, period, imo). i'm starting to ramble i will shut up now.

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