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The night the ol' Nostalgia burnt down
04/20/2018, 16:02:51

    The Elf Herself writes:

    (This harks back to "Load * 8, 1" days)

    Papa Elf and I recently were having a (ahem!) "friendly" family dispute about computer game history. Background: for some reason, he has loved all things Elder Scrolls ever since Morrowind, and has perversely resisted all things Might & Magic. (Heresy! n'est-ce pas?) He maintains that Bethesda pioneered the concept of building/improving a dwelling you "earned" in the game back with Morrowind. But I'm very, very certain it was in one of the earliest M&M's, but I can't remember which. Was it MM1 or MM2? I know it was earlier than MM3, because I remember plotting out maps on graph paper back then. Bones, Peter2, (or any other TELP fan who came aboard back before Jobs even thought about a windowed display,) can you help me here? There was some sort of castle you could earn by fulfilling some quest or other, but you had to buy improvements for it. Thanks for any help! (And here's another keg of Elf Ale for the Tavern!)

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