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Question about Superior Temple of Baa.
04/01/2018, 00:38:47

    Ramillies writes:

    When exploring the said temple (in Kriegspire), I found a room with four rhino-like heads on the wall, described as "Baa Head 1" through "Baa Head 4". When clicked, each had something to say, along the lines of "Baa One here!" or "Baa Two ready to go!"

    Are these good for anything? I clicked them in various manners with various characters, but nothing seemed to ever happen. Did something happen and have I just missed it? Or are they just useless? (Also one of the heads, when I clicked it first, zapped me and said "Baa Baa Baa!", but I wasn't able to reproduce that, so I don't know what was the cause...)

    Please enlighten me about what these do/don't do .

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