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(Trying again, after being banned from this website.) Off-topic: Nordic alphabet
03/13/2018, 21:04:55

    The Elf Herself writes:

    Papa Elf and I are trying to copy some names out of a genealogy website that are printed with Nordic characters. "Rorik," for example, is shown with a slashed "o", Substituting an plain English "o" doesn't work. Our ASCII chart has worked for French and Spanish, but the slashed "o" (ASCII 155 and 157 for lower case and capitals don't work.)

    Whoops! Papa Elf just informed me that he found a specifically Nordic chart, which works beautifully. So please ignore my desperate plea (and Bones, please ignore the previous message,) all is well in Elfville. And please everybody, have this keg of Elf Ale.
    Love to all, from Elf

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