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The problem with too many games is the apron strings attached!
12/24/2017, 09:13:37

    The Kiwi writes:

    I hated Steam the first time I came across it, and abhorred Origin even moreso when that abortion showed uP! I didn't even try Bethesda's releases after they adopted Steam, so no Skyrim. The Witcher games had to do it for me, although those aren't my style.

    I try to visit this place at this time of year, even if I haven't had any M&M game installed on any PC in quite a few years! Shoot, I haven't even had a computer able to play a half-modern game. It's a good thing that Pillars of Eternity doesn't required a high powered machine, but I did build a PC, to about 2012 standards.

    I'd thought you had less than a decade on me, Elf, but my memory being appropriate to my age, probably I knew better and preferred to remember an alternate view of the age difference!

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