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I'm one of the older hands, although not the oldest
11/12/2017, 17:41:59

    Peter2 writes:

    Good to see you here. I've not been here quite since the beginning people like Bones and Chlala predate my presence in the Taverns but after a friend introduced me to MM3 I bought Clouds of Xeen when it was first released in 1992. I joined the Taverns as a regular about 6 months after MM6 was released, which I reckon would be in late 1998. And I've been here ever since , basically since I first got a broadband connection.

    The only reason I wasn't here earlier was that before I got the broadband link, I had to pay for connect time, and because of my job, my monthly 'phone bill was 300 400, which is about 380 510 in today's money. I really didn't want to push my expenses any higher than I had to

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