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I meant Torchlight 1. The second one somehow failed to impress me.
08/01/2017, 06:32:05

    Ramillies writes:

    Diablo 2 didn't really catch me as well.

    But I'm mostly the turn-based strategy guy -- not quite into these types of games. I liked Torchlight 1 for the cartoony feel (esp. if you turn off the gore) and for the fact that there were lots of meaningful abilities (and that the XP you can get from the whole game is sufficient to get roughly 1/3 of those, so it's never just "maxing out everything") and because of the pet that can carry you stuff around and sell it in the town (and cast some nice spells too, if you give him the scrolls) and some more things.

    Occasionally I play Diablo 1 (it's short so I can finish it before it starts to be boring ), but still, the only interesting character for me is the mage and the game is basically over when you get a fireball book and/or the mana shield book.

    (And finally, I have never played Hexen. It just seemed to be another Doom clone with same things that just have other graphics, but maybe I'm wrong?)

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