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Thanks Peter
05/20/2017, 09:35:21

    Ray writes:

    The Elder Scrolls series were great, although I felt after Morrowind the games became prettier but more simple in many respects.

    I've come along much further than I expected. I have only quests to script atm and to finish Goblinwatch's interior and New Sorpigal is complete (the forge however is not as I'll be doing it with Mist).

    I've also managed to add an aspect of MMVI that was omitted in the final release: rival adventurers! You'll be seeing a lot of a certain group of 4 adventures that you might be very familiar with I may also use Morrowind's factions to give much more weight and importance to reputation than MMVI had in the end. I think than rather than just turn up at a Lord's court you maybe should have to impress your fame upon the world a little more.

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