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Most of this is fair comment, and the alterations I would make are mostly a matter of style and personal choice.
03/05/2017, 17:48:42

    Peter2 writes:

    My favourite parties for this game are both magic-heavy ones, but not pure magic. Firstly archer cleric sorcerer sorcerer, closely followed by archer paladin cleric sorcerer. The former is a maximum damage party, but needs trips to the temple to restore the cleric if you take full advantage of the fountains on the islands in Dragonsand and in the main town in the Frozen Highlands (whose name escapes me just at the moment). The latter party doesn't deal out quite as much damage, but is completely self-contained n both divine and elemental magics.

    [Incidentally, I recommend those parties for MM7, too. The archer and paladin in a Light Path party have access to that invaluable combat spell Paralyze, and the archer in MM7 is the only even reasonably competent magic user who has access to the Disarm skill.]

    I suspect that you might underestimate the value of the combination of Fly with Meteor Shower in turn-based play. You might not be able to move laterally in turn-based mode, but you can move vertically, and at long to medium range, this gives you time to dodge most if not all ranged attacks.

    Also, it is more cost-effective to set a Beacon at the Fountain of Magic than to keep visiting temples for healing.

    But I'm glad you still like the game

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