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Being a perfectionist I have always hated wasting even seconds…
02/17/2017, 15:14:45

    ragwort writes:

    while playing these games. I always have a spell running w/ 1 hour or less duration so that I can see elapsed game time running in seconds. Over the years I have gotten very good at loading the game, holding down RMB to pause and then timing release of RMB while hitting ENTER to go into TBM without almost, almost ever losing a remaining second. This has proven hard on mice and occasional keyboard. For years I thought that programming sequence into mouse should be doable. Finally did it using free software and generic mice. Programmed middle and a side button to test. Works great every time and appears to not lose any time over multiple saves and reloads. Makes mephistoing for an anal retentive more enjoyable. In conjunction w/ Grayface's Quicksave 1 button reloading and saving I'm a happy camper.

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