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I know, I've read & listened to the book many times.
02/02/2017, 07:32:16

    Ramillies writes:

    Uplay certainly wasn't the best example. I only thought it will be familiar to everyone. Just to make it clear from my side as well, I'd call "Big Brother" anything that monitors thoughts and actions of others, not only governments.

    But sadly, I think there are quite a few programs out there that do spying without you ever giving consent. And yet still other will gather your data "only in order to provide personalized ads" (or something equally unwelcome), but only God knows what they really use them for. (And even if they don't do any misdeeds with them, the sole prospect of all data about you being saved somewhere for all the eternity is frightening. After all, there certainly are persons or organizations who can just ask for the data and they will be given. )

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