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Stroll down memory lane - with a few bumps in the road!
01/19/2017, 11:51:53

    Serena from Way Back When writes:

    Hi guys! Good to see you're still hanging around!

    I occasionally feel like digging up MM6 and reliving the good old times, and usually end up having to install the game from scratch on account of a new computer or a harddrive crash or whatever. Now this laptop I'm using for gaming now has been exposed to a bit of rain, meaning that the entire right side doesn't work - thus leaving my CD drive useless! So although I have two or three sets of original CDs lying around, I hate to use those, because it means I have to keep a portable CD drive attatched to the left side USB ports all the time, which is less than handy when sitting in the sofa with the laptop.

    So basically, the last couple of times I installed the game, I did so from a downloaded file off the internet. I opted for the same thing just now, because of, well the portable CD drive is one thing, another thing is the downloaded versions usually have all the patches included! That choice, however, got me nothing but a virus (Chromium, you m***erf**k*r)! So after (hopefully successfully) getting rid of that, I swallowed the camel, as we say in Danish, and found the discs and went for an old school installation.

    But now the music is missing Everything else seems to be working fine, all the other sound files are working etc. I googled a bit and found a few hints and tips in terms of mp3 versions of the music and how to make it work on a newer computer, but I simply couldn't find the files that needed editing anywhere in my MM6 folders! Nor could I find the mp3s anywhere on either of the discs?

    Oh how I miss the soothing tunes of the New Sorpigal theme :'(

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