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Yes. Make sure Anims1.vid & Anims2.vid are both in Anims folder then...
12/12/2016, 18:46:17

    ragwort writes:

    copy entire MM6 folder structure onto thumb drive and copy onto laptop. Being copied onto drive it won't show up in registry. You might want to create another MM6 folder structure w/ different MM6 folder name (I have 27 game folder structures on my desktop (MM6-1.0, MM6-1.1, MM6-1.2, MM6-1.3 Moks, etc) and 2 more in a ramdisk structure for when I do a lot of reloading.) You can try to run but will most likely be asked for play disk. Then download Grayface's MM6 Patch v2.0 and run within one of the MM6 folders. Read the readme file included w/ patch or before you download.

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