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Forgetful? Me? No, of course I remember you! (What was your name again?)
11/12/2016, 12:53:02

    Aging Elf writes:

    As arguably the eldest TELPer, I can sympathize. (Of course, Papa Elf is older than I, but he never played any of the MM's.)
    If any of you are eighty or older, then I relinquish my title as eldest.
    I forget commands a lot. When I got to the MM6 add-on to MM10, I couldn't for the life of me remember how to use the flight scroll hidden on that wall. I remembered the wall, how to get to the "secret" New World Computing freebie location, and where all the trainers are. I also remember most of the map layouts for nearly all of that game. But the town names, no. Peoples' names fade in and out, both in games and in RL.
    So, welcome to the club. Sixty is about when it all starts. As the late actress Bette Davis famously said, "Old age ain't for sissies!"
    So let's have a round of Elf's Aged Ale. This keg is self-filling, so there's plenty for all. So set up the glasses, mugs, steins, whatever, if you would please, Bones. Prosit!

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